Missing Girl

Success story of the project

Prevention and responding of child marriage and early union.

At Baradarshi Rural Municipality, MJK under the project of GFF formed young women and girls’ groups and child club. Training about Child marriage, domestic violence, Gender discrimination, child rights, capacity development and different kinds of violence were conducted.

At Baradarshi RM, the child club (the bride was the student of that school), young women and girls group jointly went to the parents and told them not to marry their daughter as she was only 17 years old, they also told about the legal age for marriage. They were watching the girl’s family and also complain help line 1098.  They came to know that the girl’s parents were missing and after 3/4 days they came to the village and spread the message that she is missing or may be elope away with her boyfriend. The village people complained or blamed the child club and young women and girls group for it and verbally abuse and threat them publicly so the group went to the police station and complain for their safety.

A meeting was called and the representatives of the local government were present along with the girl’s parents and the village people who verbally abused them. After a long discussion  found the girls found parents guilty because according to Nepal Law it was illegal and punishable. The elected representative praised the child club, young women and girls group for doing their duty and responsibility towards community and also the groups were recognized by the local government and assured them to come freely for any kind of help from the local government side.

The young women and girl’s group are in the process to register there groups formally and continuously aware community.


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