5 years strategic plan to eliminate Child Marriage

Success story of the project

Prevention and responding of child marriage and early union.

Mahila Janachetna Kendra, MJK with the support of Girls First Fund is running a project named Preventing and responding of child marriage and early union. The working area of MJK is Kachankabal RM, Baradarshi RM and Mechi Municipality.

The program was introduced with the concern stakeholders like Elected political leaders, students, women groups, women affiliated organizations, CBO’s, Local government and Girls.

The introduction program of the project with the local government had a strong influence, the discussion came to the conclusion that the strong initiation of the local government can bring changes to protect Child marriage, domestic violence, gender discrimination.

5 days’ workshop, with the technical support from MJK, Kachankabal Rural Municipality develop  5 years strategic plan to eliminate Child marriage, the President, vice president, board members administrative head and the head of the concern department put all their effort to develop it.

This year, the local government has allocated budget according to the developed 5 years strategy to eliminate Child marriage. The local government and MJK are jointly conducting activities on the issue. This was a great success of MJK related with the project.

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