In the year 2009-2012 with the support of GIZ conducted Awareness about “Domestic violence act 2066”.

Formation of  network named “Campaign against Domectic Violence – Eastern Network 2009”

Activities conducted by the Eastern Network:

  • Domestic violence (Offence and Punishment) Act 2066 passed. It was an Act relating to control the domestic violence, it is expedient to make provision to respect the rights of every person to live in a secure and dignified life, to prevent and control violence occurring within the family and for matters connected. Distribution of IEC materials about Domestic violence Act 2066 in the 9 districts of Eastern Nepal Province 1.
  • Working area: 9 districts.
  • Target groups: Students, Institutions, Stake holders, Women affiliated Organizations and girls.
  • Distribution of IEC materials
  • Organized Campaign, Rally, street drama, Forum theater
  • Celebrations of important Days.