4 days SRHR training at Barhadashi RM.

Total 20 female Youths were Participated.
They were a mixture of girls who belongs to the different communities having different social values and
a different level of knowledge.
The duration of the Training was Four Days.
The venue for the Training was at Rajbansi Bhawan Bharadarshi gaupalika.

Young Girls were made able to understand the Concept of Why sexual reproductive health knowledge
is important among the adolescents. They were able to know their rights about the decision they can
make up with their choice about their sexual health beside this knowing about the Law and barriers
regarding the harmful act that can be arrived with no knowledge regarding the self-choice and decision
making regarding their own self. They were aware about the Natural process of Changes in adolescents
with the natural process of being bleed every month and the entire process of fertilization getting
pregnant and even being safe during the period. Overall, the session covered was effective and very
helpful for the young growing up girls they can now even spread the message among their peers, family



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