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Mahila Janachetana Kendra (MJK)

Mahila Janachetana Kendra (MJK) is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization established in 2003. It is also a development organization initiated, led and operated by, for and of women in Nepal. It was registered in District Administration Office, Jhapa under the Organization Registration Act (1987) of Nepal and also affiliated to Social Welfare Council (SWC). It aims to ensure the rights and interests of women as guaranteed in Nepal’s constitution, laws and policies. Since its inception, it has been actively working to raise awareness about women rights and child rights issues with specific focus on women and inter-sectional exclusion/inclusion in coordination and collaboration with all right holders, governmental institutions and development partners at national, regional and at international level.


An inclusive society where gender equality prevails and equitable development of all kinds of genders is guaranteed.


MJK’s mission is to eliminate all kinds of discriminations for assurance of fundamental rights and other rights and equitable participation of women, children, minorities including all socially excluded groups and communities.


MJK’s goal is to protect and promotr the fundamental rights and other rights of women, children, minorities and other target groups and communities for their empowerment, leadership development and meaningful participation in the community development.


  • Support for protection and promotion of human rights, rights and social justice for target groups. (Rights and social justice)

  • Promote gender equality and social inclusion at local level and communities. (GESI)

  • Increase access of target groups on quality education and health service, and increase their role in natural resource management, environmental conservation and disaster risk reduction/management (Access and role)

  • Support for socio-economic empowerment/uplifting of the target group (Living standard)

  • Develop leadership of the target groups (right-holders) and awareness raising on their rights and contemporary public issues (Leadership and awareness).

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